June 3, 2023

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5 Popular Natural Remedies for Common Cold

Having a cold is one experience that everyone will have at multiple points in their lives. As the name implies, a common cold is seen a lot and is very common during the winter, spring or rainy season. A virus causes this illness. However, this virus must entirely run its course before it leaves its host’s body system.

Collected.Reviews says the symptoms of this illness vary and are often very unbearable. Some of them are sore throat, runny nose, cough, fever, etc. To make the symptoms bearable as the wait for the virus to run its course continues, various popularly known natural remedies are recommended from health professionals’ experiences to ease the common cold.

·       Vitamin C:

This vitamin is a well-known booster of the human immune system and the immune system needs a boost to fight off the virus entirely. Vitamin C also helps relieve upper respiratory tract infections, of which the Common Cold is one. Various fruits and vegetables like limes, oranges, leafy greens, grapefruits, and lemons are excellent sources of Vitamin C. It is better to add these fruits to your diet. Vitamin C supplements can also be used, but too much of them can cause stomach upset or kidney problems such as kidney stones.

·       Aromatherapy:

This natural home remedy involves the use of menthol or camphor. Rubbing these around the nose help loosen the mucus and make breathing easier. Also, breathing in natural aromatherapy oils such as eucalyptus and peppermint reduces nasal congestion and relieves these Common Cold symptoms.

·       Sleep:

Everyday, the human body needs enough rest to make up for the stress of the whole day’s work. When there is an illness or foreign factor in the body, the immune system needs extra strength to fight it. Enough sleep or rest gives the immune system a chance to work at its best to fight the virus off.

·       Ginger and Honey:

Ginger is a natural remedy that has various curative properties such as soothing a cough or sore throat and even nausea. Honey is a natural product with various antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Boiling a ginger root in water and drinking it while it is warm helps soothe cold symptoms. Adding both ginger tea and honey together also helps relieve cough and sore throat.

·       Salt Water Gurgling:

A sore throat is a very uncomfortable situation and makes swallowing hard. However, salt in warm water helps with this. Gurgling warm salt water by swishing it around in your mouth and throat helps ease throat pain and nasal congestion. It breaks up and reduces mucus. After gurgling the warm salt water in your mouth, you must spit it out.

A common cold is experienced around 2-3 times a year by adults. Waiting for the virus to run its lifespan can be very uncomfortable. Using the above natural remedies that are easy to get will help make the symptoms of the cold ease off. Remember to use these remedies, and you will feel better as the days continue.