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5 prime execs completely banned from Dota 2 esports

Dota 2’s competitive scene is governed by organizers and Valve to make guaranteed everything runs effortlessly and in accordance to the rulebook. Despite all their ideal initiatives although, there have been gamers making an attempt to crack the system, and all those who got caught have been banished from the lands of competitive Dota 2.

No matter if it is pulling a 322, deliberately throwing online games, or account sharing, there have been extra than a handful of gamers who have been permanently banned from ever taking part in a Valve occasion.

The most important rationale why this punishment is so harsh is the developer is involved with all the major Dota 2 tournaments, including The Global.

The players detailed underneath can continue playing Dota 2 and even take part in tournaments structured by 3rd events. But thinking of they’ll in no way be welcomed at the optimum stage of the levels of competition, most have both retired or continued to appreciate the recreation casually.

Image by means of [Beyond the Summit](

South American Dota 2 has appear a very long way over the several years. The scene owes its achievement to the determination of many gamers who ongoing to hone their competencies in each and every way achievable. Bryan “SmAsH” Siña is one particular of the 1st prodigies from the SA scene, but his rise was minimize quick due to a match-repairing scandal.

SmAsH and a few of his other teammates have been indefinitely banned after they guess from on their own in a 3rd-put match in 2016. This ban arrived only 3 times before the roster lock for the 2016 time and was a devastating blow for the Peruvian Dota 2 fans.

From the prime of the Dota 2 world, Xu “Moogy” Han and Zeng “Faith” Hongda located them selves in the gutter soon after match-fixing in 2020 versus Avengerls.

It took a little when for suspicions to get confirmed, and when they did, it was the end of a TI winner and a runner-up’s vocation. Religion was regarded as a person of the ideal players in the environment in 2012 just after he lifted the Aegis, and he also put next in TI7 alongside Moogy.

Provided their accomplishments, Moogy and Faith’s ban despatched shockwaves through the neighborhood. If a TI winner could take into account match-correcting in a local event, what else could be below that rock?

3. VtFaded, Ahjit — Account Sharing and Match Correcting, 2022

Cheng “vtFαded” Jia Hao has been in trouble with the Dota 2 law considering that 2021. Immediately after account sharing, the gifted Malaysian was initially suspended for the remainder of the 2021 year. Throughout this time, VtFaded was found as just one of the up-and-coming abilities in the area as he ongoing to climb up Dota 2’s rated ladder.

What suspended him from the scene was a further case of account sharing and also match-fixing, which occurred in 2022. VtFaded, Lai “AhJit” Jay, and others have been involved in a sophisticated account-sharing situation where by they logged into the accounts of gamers from a further staff to support them make it through the qualifiers for the SEA DPC.

Following the information, VtFaded, Ahjit, and 8 far more players have been forever banned from all long run Valve events.

Image by means of [StarLadder](

Jimmy “DeMoN” Ho had a person of the most hectic Dota 2 careers. His competitive journey saw him transfer to Southeast Asia from North America wherever he attained some of the most noteworthy times in his profession.

The earlier few many years have been a downhill fight for DeMoN, on the other hand, as he was banned from all long run Valve and Over and above the Summit functions due to misconduct at previous Dota 2 tournaments.

DeMoN was accused of sexual assault in June 2020. Soon after denying the accusations, DeMoN continued his vocation and was just one sport absent from qualifying for the NA DPC when he was completely banned from the organizer, Beyond the Summit.

This circumstance remains as a person of the extra mysterious permanent bans in Dota 2’s record as DeMoN proceeds to deny all accusations even though looking to distinct his title. Even so, there appears to be to be reliable evidence that proves the allegations, but they were being in no way shared publicly to secure the victims.

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The 2023 DPC time was heading to Kamil “Koma`” Biktimirov’s calendar year as he was just picked up by Virtus Pro, the most prestigious business in Japanese Europe.

Prior to the season commenced, however, Koma experienced the bright plan of assisting out his close friends go as a result of the open qualifiers by utilizing 1 of their accounts which cost him his profession. On Dec. 18, 2022, Valve forever banned 10 players for account sharing for the duration of the open qualifiers for the 2023 DPC period.

The very long list showcased VP’s carry participant, Koma, indicating his Dota 2 career experienced just ended ahead of it could even actually just take off.