November 29, 2021

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5 Stylish Ways to Wear Maxi Dress, One of the 2021 Fashion Trends

It’s hard to deny that the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we dress. As long you to stay at home, comfortable clothes are the most important. Call it, maxi dresses for weddings, or overalls with a loose silhouette. No wonder this one fashion item is predicted to dominate the 2021 fashion trend.

Maxi dress had ‘successful’ when the boho chic trend dominated in the early 2000s. Lately, maxi dress is booming again.

Cuts that do not restrain the body so that they are freer to move is one of the reasons maxi dresses are in great demand as everyday clothes at home. Especially in the era of working from home like today.

With the increasing prestige of maxi dresses, several fashion labels and fashion houses have included them in their Spring-Summer 2021 fashion collections. Each offers a variety of maxi dresses with different patterns, colours, and models. OOTD fashion influencers helped to re-popularize maxi dress.

Well, here are five stylish ways to wear a maxi dress to make your appearance more contemporary:


To avoid a monotonous impression, you can play with layering techniques or wear layered clothing. At Jason Wu’s fashion show, the maxi dress comes with a sports bra that is used as an outside.

Crash Style

Maxi dress is synonymous with something feminine. Combining it with masculine items such as a biker jacket will make your appearance stand out more.

Aure Lingerie

The next stylish way to wear a maxi dress is to combine it with a lingerie-inspired exterior. Socialite Olivia Palermo wore a plain black maxi dress wrapped in another maxi dress made of see-through or transparent material.

Bohemian Rocks

For those of you who want a rock chic style, there’s nothing wrong with looking at Ayla Dimitri’s style. With a pair of strappy high boots and a bohemian-style hat, your style with a maxi dress will change drastically. You can also rely on a statement necklace when you want to preen with a maxi dress.


Long sleeve maxi dress is the right choice for those of you who wear a headscarf. For consumers, designer presents a Victorian-style maxi dress combined with a plain headscarf to maintain an understated appearance.