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ALGS Split One Playoffs 2023: Scores, standings, and results

The Apex Legends Global Series takes over London this weekend, with 40 of the best Apex teams on the planet ready to go toe-to-toe, and prove that they’re the best players in the game. The stage is set at the Copper Box Arena, which is ready to welcome players and fans alike to watch the epic tournament unfold.

As the tournament progresses through its different stages, there are several different tables for fans to keep track of. From the big 40-team table in the group stage to the individual bracket stage rounds, it can be a little difficult to follow it all.

Thankfully, we’re keeping all of the scores and standings so you don’t have to. Just check out the guide below for all the latest Split One Playoffs standings.

ALGS Split One Playoffs 2023: Scores and updated standings

Group Stage standings

All 40 teams are divided into four groups of ten, with each group playing every other group one time in round-robin play. Team’s cumulative score from the group stage is used to determine the top 20 teams that will advance directly to the Winners Bracket, and the bottom 20 teams that will advance to Losers Bracket Round One.

Team Points
First TSM 153
Third EXO Clan 147
Fourth NRG 147
Fifth XSET 136
Sixth JLINGZ Esports 133
Seventh Spacestation Gaming 131
Eighth Fnatic 129
Ninth Esports Arena 128
10th Acend 127
11th 100 Thieves 123
12th The Guard 121
13th Darkzero Esports 117
14th Moist Esports 116
15th Element 6 114
16th fun123 113
17th Luminosity Gaming 109
18th ENTER FORCE.36 107
19th Alliance 106
20th PULVEREX 100
↑Top 20 to Winners
↓Bottom 20 to Losers
21st DreamFire 99
22nd Iron Blood Gaming 95
23rd ONIC Esports 95
24th FC Destroy 95
25th Team Singularity 94
26th Crazy Raccoon 86
27th GHS Professional 86
28th Ganbare Outousan 84
29th GameWard 82
30th Invictus Gaming 80
31st Pionneers 79
32nd Vexed Gaming 69
33rd Flora 67
34th Oxygen Esports 59
35th Passion 53
36th Horizon Union 49
37th GODFIRE 42
38th NorCal Esports 41
39th LeaveNoWitness 40
40th K1CK 37

Bracket Stage standings

The Bracket Stage consists of Winners Bracket, Losers Bracket Round One, and Losers Bracket Round Two. In the Winners Bracket, the top 20 teams from the group stage compete in a six-game series. The top 10 teams at the end of the series advance to Finals and receive bonus starting points for the Finals round, and the bottom 10 advance to Losers Bracket Round Two. The bottom 20 teams from group stage compete in Losers Bracket Round One, with the top 10 advancing to Losers Round Two and the bottom 10 being eliminated. The remaining teams that aren’t eliminated or already qualified for finals compete in Losers Round Two, in which the top 10 teams advance to Finals and the bottom 10 teams are eliminated.

Losers Bracket Round One

Team Points
First ONIC Esports 54
Second GODFIRE 52
Third Invictus Gaming 47
Fourth K1CK 46
Fifth Ganbare Otousan 44
Sixth NorCal Esports 43
Seventh FC Destroy 41
Eighth Team Singularity 37
Ninth Pioneers 35
10th DreamFire 34
↑Top 10 to Losers Round Two
↓Bottom 10 Eliminated
11th Vexed Gaming 33
12th Oxygen Esports 30
13th GHS Professional 30
14th Iron Blood Gaming 25
15th Crazy Raccoon 22
16th GameWard 22
17th Horizon Union 18
18th Passion 18
19th LeaveNoWitness 17
20th Flora 14

Winners Bracket

Team Points
First NRG 60
Second Acend 48
Third Element 6 48
Fourth Alliance 47
Fifth The Guard 45
Sixth Esports Arena 41
Seventh XSET 39
Eighth TSM 39
Ninth Moist Esports 36
10th fun123 34
↑Top 10 to Finals
↓Bottom 10 to Losers Round Two
11th Spacestation Gaming 33
12th Luminosity 31
13th EXO Clan 29
14th DarkZero 28
15th PULVEREX 24
16th Fnatic 23
17th 100 Thieves 19
18th ENTER FORCE.36 16
19th JLINGZ Esports 14

Losers Bracket Round Two

Team Points
First Luminosity 83
Second DarkZero 62
Third EXO Clan 56
Fourth Spacestation Gaming 52
Fifth Fnatic 50
Sixth Ganbare Otousan 44
Seventh ONIC Esports 38
Eighth Team Singularity 33
Ninth DreamFire 31
10th ENTER FORCE.36 31
↑Top 10 to Finals
↓Bottom 10 Eliminated
11th PULVEREX 29
12th JLINGZ Esports 28
13th 100 Thieves 22
14th K1CK 19
15th GODFIRE 18
16th Pioneers 17
17th NorCal Esports 14
19th FC Destroy 9
20th Invictus Gaming 2


The Finals round will consist of the final 20 teams playing in match point format. The teams that advance from Winners Bracket will begin with points based on where they finished in the previous round, while those that advance from Losers Round Two will start with no points. Teams must reach 50 points and then win a game to win the Split One Playoffs. Teams must already have 50 points at the start of a game to qualify for match point.

Team Points