May 22, 2024

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Becoming an Entertainment Entrepreneur

Some people dream of becoming entrepreneurs. It’s exciting to start business ventures and build them into successful companies. Entrepreneurship can be profitable and gives a sense of pride and accomplishment. Entertainment can be an especially exciting field in which to build a business. Starting any kind of business is not easy and takes plenty of hard work and dedication as well as having a vision. There are certain attributes that most successful entrepreneurs share. 

The Attributes of an Entrepreneur

You can easily recognize the attributes of a successful business person. Bill Asher serves as the co-chairman of Vivid Entertainment and certainly demonstrates these traits. Entrepreneurs are conscientious and very well organized. They are driven and tenacious. Thinking big is one of the most important traits of a successful entrepreneur and it differs from merely dreaming. Dreamers are passive and only think about what they would like to do.  In contrast, entrepreneurs are people of action who set out to make their dreams a reality. 

Intuitive Rather Than Analytical

One might believe that entrepreneurs have the ability to analyze the data in a given situation and use it to make a sound decision. That is true to some extent but the most successful business people tend to operate more on instinct.  Having strong intuition gives an entrepreneur an edge over the competition. It enables them to have a vision and act on opportunities quickly. The most successful business people place a higher value on achievement than on money.

Setting Goals and Strategizing

To become successful, an entertainment entrepreneur must set specific goals. You can’t accomplish anything unless you know exactly what it is you are trying to do. Each should come with a deadline. This sparks a sense of urgency and inspires the entrepreneur to work consistently toward reaching the goal. By remaining focused with an eye on the prize and setting lofty but still attainable goals, a budding entrepreneur can build a very successful entertainment business. 

Once a specific goal has been set and a deadline determined, a strategy for reaching that goal is a necessity. A large goal is broken up into a series of smaller ones, each of which is a step on the path to the ultimate goal. All of the steps must also be specific and contribute to the overall plan. Hard work is important but is not effective without efficiency.

The Importance of Networking

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know goes the old saying. There is much truth in this, especially in the entertainment world. Successful entrepreneurs are constantly building their contact lists and never miss an opportunity to network. Never overlook anyone. Today’s intern could be tomorrow’s vice president. Most successful business people work with others. Teams of individuals with common goals inspire creativity in each other. The time and energy needed to build a business can be spread over several people, utilizing the strongest attributes of each. It’s important to listen to the ideas of others and not to be quick to dismiss them. Being an entrepreneur can be rewarding personally, professionally, and financially.

Entertainment is an exciting field ripe with opportunities. Starting an entertainment business is challenging and requires many personality traits shared by successful business people. With these attributes, a solid network, and a little cash, you can start an entertainment business that may grow into something special.