Best smart home gym equipment 2022: Peloton, Tonal, Mirror reviews

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When gyms closed down across the country during the pandemic, many people turned to home fitness equipment as the next best thing. Just as classrooms and offices became virtual via video conferencing in 2020, home gyms also took a turn toward the tech-side.

Virtual, interactive home gym equipment is the next best thing to working out at the gym. Or maybe it’s even better, with no crowds, no strangers who leave the equipment sweaty and no masks required.

It would be impossible to mention virtual home gyms without a mention of Peloton. Sales for the spin cycle and treadmill manufacturer soared 172% in September 2020. Because of their flexibility and capabilities, the Peloton machines and accompanying app can qualify as complete home gyms. But other equipment on the market, such as the Mirror and Tonal virtual home gyms, may provide even more capabilities in a smaller space.