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FAQs About Roll Top Horse Jumps

FAQs About Roll Top Horse Jumps

Roll tops are one of the horse jumps that confuse a lot of equestrians. If you’re curious about these, here are some frequently asked questions that can help you incorporate them into your training. 

Should You Get One With Turf?

If you’ve browsed the web for showjumping or eventing ideas, you’ve seen roll top horse jumps with turf on them. While you can get one that looks like this, the look of the jump isn’t what matters. The first thing you should consider is whether it fits in your stands or comes with one. Then, you should think about the height and ensure it is appropriate for you and your horse’s abilities. 

Another thing to consider is the cost of the jump and shipping. Safety is also a factor, especially since many will be made from solid wood. The last thing you should think about is the design and decorations, such as artificial turf. 

Should You Buy or Build Them?

To answer this, you need to consider whether you’d rather spend your free time building a roll top or volunteering with a wild horse and burrow rescue group. A DIY roll top will require you to pay for the materials and spend a few hours working on them. If you have to purchase any power tools, the price goes up. If your garage is full of tools and you want to spend your free time on this, go for it. 

However, if you don’t have much in the name of carpentry skills, buy one. Otherwise, you could end up with something that breaks the first time a hoof nicks it or one that will deteriorate in the weather. Plus, your creation could be too heavy to move if you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Roll tops can be fun and add variety to your jump routine. Keep this information in mind when purchasing roll tops for your arena.