November 30, 2023

Golden Age Golds

Take Advantages of Your GOLDEN AGE

How do I preserve neighbors from interrupting my training?

Pricey Pass up MANNERS: I am an avid walker. I begin my working day with a wander fast more than enough to work my muscle groups and improve my heart level.

I wander the streets in my neighborhood and routinely see neighbors out walking or strolling with their dogs. I acknowledge them with a friendly “Good morning,” but never gradual or try to interact them in further more conversation.

On situation, people will want to prevent and visit, and when I’m very social and appreciative of their need to be pleasant, I don’t want to crack my routine or let my pulse to gradual.

Can I graciously disengage and preserve shifting without the need of showing up to be impolite or aloof?

Gentle READER: You can graciously disengage you in any selection of techniques, from the “I’m sorry, but I really have to go” to the “I feel I listen to my mother calling.”