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How long is recovery from Spinal Surgery?

Spinal surgeries are one of the most complicated surgeries that take place in hospitals. Special neurosurgeons are the only people who are trained well enough to handle the sophisticated and complicated spinal cord structure. 

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It requires many years of advanced education and practice to deal with such a delicate system and therefore only the best doctors can help patients in this scenario. Most spinal surgeries are done by not one but a team of neuro specialists. 

Patients need to choose one of the best hospitals for spine surgery in India to ensure that they are in good and capable hands when choosing to get spine surgery. Most cases of spine surgery are either due to accidental damage or because of disorders such as Hernia or the disk or Acute Sclerosis of the Spine. Spine surgery recovery is long and complex but with the right care, patients can recover successfully. 

What are the most common Spinal Cord Surgeries?

There are many kinds of spine surgeries that are done by best hospital for spine surgery in Indianeurosurgeons these days. The most common request for spine surgery is because of the back pain that most patients suffer from. Back pain is usually caused because of the inflammation of tissues in the lumbar area or because of a herniated disc. 

The compression of nerves because of an improper disc, adjustment of a disc, removal of an inflamed disc, or relieving pressure by opening wider spaces for the nerves are some of the common surgeries that are done these days at the best hospital for spine surgery in India

Details of these surgeries are mentioned below along with their estimated recovery timeline. Recovery is case to case and some patients heal better than others. With proper care, medication, and physiotherapy, most patients have a good chance of recovering from spinal surgeries. Even then, patients with better health at the beginning heal and recover faster than others. 

  1. Spinal Laminectomy

This is a procedure that removes bones and tissues from a painful and inflamed region of the spinal cord so as to relieve the pressure on underlying nerves. Such removal can make the spine unstable and therefore the surgeon may recommend a spinal fusion as well along with this procedure. Recovery times are somewhat higher with this procedure as it is usually combined with other procedures. 

  1. Spinal Fusion

This procedure helps the spine to become more stable as the surgeon fuses vertebrates together. The fusing of bones takes a long time to recover but the chances of recovery are higher with this procedure than with Laminectomy alone.

  1. Disc replacement

In some severe cases, where the disc is completely unstable, the disc is removed completely and a new artificial disc is inserted in between the vertebrae. This is a shorter surgery with less recovery time. 

  1. Discectomy

Patients who have minor issues with a disc can be operated on without actually removing the entire disc. In this procedure, a small opening is made and an operating microscope is inserted that removes parts of the disc to help with the herniated disc. Recovery times are comparably shorter than Spinal fusion.

  1. Laminar Implant

The interlaminar implant is a smaller procedure where a U-shaped support system is placed in the vertebral column so as to make the nerve opening wider and reduce the pressure on the nerves and tissues in the muscular area. Recovery time is shorter in this kind of procedure than with spinal fusion.