June 20, 2024

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How To Outfit Your Riding Arena for Optimal Use

If you own a stable, your riding arena is one of the attractions that draws your clients to your establishment. Whether an indoor or outdoor facility, several key components go into a highly workable arena suitable for many types of equestrian activities.

Ring Surface

The care of your horse starts with the ground it walks upon, and this goes for the materials that you choose for your riding arena surface. Sand is a traditional option for many reasons. It provides good drainage during rainy seasons. It can be smoothed easily with a tractor and rake. Sand also offers a fairly inexpensive material for arena use. Other possibilities include particles made of rubber or wood chips. Product suppliers in your area can advise you concerning what alternatives would work best for your particular arena situation.

Fencing Options

Having sturdy fencing enhanced with strong gates on durable, free-swinging hinges offers several benefits to the successful stable. The fencing helps to keep horses in the arena. This is important if you train young, inexperienced riders who may not have attained adequate control over their mounts while learning. It also keeps spectators separated from the active large animals working in the arena, improving safety for all. Smooth gate hinges enable arena entrances and exits, enhancing accessibility.

Equipment Accessories

If you have jumps set up for riding lessons and shows, consider adding pole caddy brackets to the outside of the arena fencing or a nearby wall. These metal devices store the poles for the jumps up off the ground. This is useful for when you need to move jumps out of the way to drag the arena surface. They protect the wooden poles from water damage that occurs if left on damp ground. The brackets also keep poles from getting abraded, which can scratch the brightly colored paint on them.

By paying attention to these arena details, you will ensure that it takes pride of place at your stable.