June 5, 2023

Golden Age Golds

Take Advantages of Your GOLDEN AGE

How to Properly Train and Grow into a Professional Athlete?

As kids, we all love playing a particular sport. Sometimes it’s basketball, other times baseball, but we all do it at a certain level that makes us have fun, rather than trying to achieve a career. This is entirely normal. That’s what children are supposed to do.

Doing sports is healthy for both the body and your mind. All parents should encourage their kids to spend more time outside and play the sport they love. Some of these kids are going to grow into professional athletes like those we see on TV today.

If you want to become one, or you want your child to become a professional athlete, they need to follow some rules. They need to be dedicated, focused, consistent, humble, persistent, and train hard every day. Signing up and following the progress on the Student Athlete Resource program is a smart thing to do for everyone who has a vision for their future.

Setting up a plan is crucial

We all need a precise plan in our lives. As athletes, this is crucial. Set up a plan for every day, every week, every month, and every year. Precisely arrange your time, and set goals that need to be met by the end of every one of these.

You can’t expect to get to a professional level immediately. It takes hard work to become a pro, and even then lots of people don’t make it. However, setting a plan and setting goals are the main two things that you must do if you want to have the best chances.

Going to school is a must, so arrange your time around it. Set a time when you’re getting up from bed, when are you working out, when is lunch, and when do you go to bed. Follow this sheet precisely. This is going to make you organized, which is one of the pillars for becoming a star. See why having a schedule and a plan is smart here.

Don’t give up when you fail to do something

Aside from regular training, there are going to be games and opportunities to show how good you are. Sometimes, we fail to use these opportunities. Never give up on the first bump on the road. Lots of kids think that they are not good enough and they quit, but this is how the universe is going to filtrate who’s really up for the job to be a star, and who’s not meant to be one.

Lots of professional athletes in all sorts of sports failed numerous times in their lives. No one managed to win all the games in their career. We all have bad days or even years. There are countless cases where players make comebacks after years of being silent and leave a historical mark with their presence, whether for themselves or the team.

Train hard

Success comes from repetitive doing the same over and over. If you’re a basketball shooting guard, then you need to shoot thousands of three-pointers before you reach a particular level. Millions of free throws before you reach the NBA stars’ stats.

If you’re a tennis player, you need to serve countless times before you manage to hit that sweet spot nine out of ten times in the game. Train and achieve perfection – that’s the only way.

Another highly important thing is physical stamina and capacity. Growing muscles and doing cardio must be part of the regular exercises you do on the field. Without impeccable physical form, you won’t be able to compete with the rest of the opponents. See why training hard is crucial here: https://thesportjournal.org/article/the-road-to-success-comes-through-hard-work/.


Nothing is more satisfying than chasing a dream since you were a child and then raising that trophy when you’re a professional athlete. We all started dealing with sports as kids to have fun and enjoy the game, and not because we wanted to be rich and famous.

However, fun and games are not the same as dedication and persistence. If you want to become a professional athlete and raise that trophy, you need to turn the fun into hard work. This is the only recipe to become a superstar and make your childhood dreams a reality.