June 6, 2023

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Laptop Upgrades You Should Make in 2022

For those who are not tech-savvy or didn’t grow up with a PC or desktop in their homes, the sheer idea of upgrading a laptop is one that comes with no small amount of fear!

Indeed, many people are less than eager to upgrade even the slowest or glitching laptops, meaning that these people don’t experience the benefits of doing so. Even if that’s a learning curve related to what not to do with a laptop!

In 2022, there are some trending upgrades that can be great if you have a glitchy or slow laptop, or if you simply want to upgrade what you already have. So, read on to learn about the best laptop upgrades.

Upgrade The RAM

The RAM or random-access memory is the short-term memory of your laptop. It saves information that is lost when the computer or laptop is turned off.

But if there’s an issue with the RAM, it can cause your laptop to slow down, leading to no small amount of frustration on your end! Luckily, many laptops like the ones you can find on lenovo.com can easily have their RAM updated, which will allow your laptop to instantly boost its performance. This is ideal if you are performing tasks on your laptops that are very resource hungry, such as video editing or gaming. The minimum amount that you can upgrade the RAM to is 4GB, but there’s no harm in going a bit higher.

Upgrade The Graphics Card

If you’re a gamer and using your laptop to play games like Halo, then this should be the first thing you upgrade!

In modern laptops, most people (even gamers) are happy with the display, which tends to be around 1080p for a standard laptop. But if you need something a bit more immersive to help with your online conquests, then you should consider upgrading the graphics card. Just make sure that any new graphics card you add is compatible with the CPU on your computer, and also check that you have enough cooling units too.

Upgrade The Storage Drive

You’ll want to upgrade your storage or hard drive if you’re running out of space or want a faster performance from your laptop.

A faster storage drive has a positive impact on the entire system of the machine, from faster boot-up times to quicker app loading and even faster speeds when loading games.

Upgrade The Processor

This is not an upgrade you’ll want to undertake if you’re not tech-savvy, so only do this if you have the help of someone who really knows what they are doing.  Upgrading a processor is ideal if you want to boost the performance of your laptop, but it can be physically trickier than most people anticipate! You should also only attempt this if the upgrade on the computer is vast.

Upgrade The Software

Operating system or app updates usually occur automatically, but if there’s a new version of Adobe Photoshop coming out and you need to upgrade it, this is something that can be easily done. Of course, that is if there’s enough memory, which you should always check before running an upgrade.