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Saw Palmetto Supplements: Effects, Side Effects, And How To Choose The Best One

Saw palmetto has long been used to treat BPH, hair loss, and prostate enlargement. However, it can also be a general supplement to improve overall health. Saw Palmetto is found in several plant-based food products and grouped with other essential fatty acids.

Recent studies have shown that saw palmetto can effectively treat several conditions, including hair loss and benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). These supplements are now widely available and are generally well tolerated.

There are a few different choices available to order saw palmetto supplements. The most common is in capsule form and available in liquid or powder form.

Saw palmetto supplements also have anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, making them beneficial.

If considering ordering saw palmetto supplements, it is recommended to talk to a healthcare provider first to discuss whether they are suitable for the current health status.

Side Effects of Saw Palmetto

If considering taking saw palmetto supplements, it’s essential to be aware of the potential side effects. Although saw palmetto is generally considered safe, it can cause some mild side effects in some people. These include:

– Upset stomach

– Nausea

– Vomiting

– Diarrhea

– Headache

– Dizziness

 Rarer side effects include:

 – Allergic reactions (rash, hives, difficulty breathing)

 – Blood disorders

 – Liver problems

 If the user experiences any of these side effects, it is suggested to stop taking the supplements immediately and see a doctor.

Important Safety Information

Saw palmetto may interact with certain medications. If the user is taking any medications, it is imperative to speak to the doctor before taking saw palmetto.

How to choose saw palmetto supplements.

Many different saw palmetto supplements brands on the market today claim to offer saw palmetto’s benefits. So, how to choose the right one? Here are a few factors to consider:

1. The source of the saw palmetto. Ideally, the user can safely select the supplement that uses saw palmetto berries that have been wild-harvested in their natural habitat.

2. The extraction process. Ensure the supplement uses a gentle extraction process that preserves the plant’s beneficial compounds.

3. The dosage. A typical dose of saw palmetto is 300 mg per day. Some supplements may provide this amount in just one capsule, while others may require multiple capsules to reach the desired dosage.

4. Own personal needs and preferences. Ultimately, the best saw palmetto supplement is the one that meets unique needs and preferences.

How to Buy Saw Palmetto Supplements

1. To ensure that the product is potent, order saw palmetto with a standardised supplement containing 85-95% fatty acids and plant sterols. 

2. Choose a supplement in capsule form. This is the best way to get the proper dosage and prevent gastrointestinal upset.

3. Avoid saw palmetto supplements that contain filler ingredients such as magnesium stearate or titanium dioxide. These ingredients can decrease the effectiveness of the supplement.

4. Look for a product that is made in a registered facility. This guarantees that the supplement has been manufactured under strict quality control standards.


If looking for a natural way to improve health, saw palmetto supplements are a great option. Saw palmetto effectively treats various conditions, from hair loss to urinary problems. It can also support improving overall health by reducing inflammation and boosting the immune system. So if looking for a supplement that can offer multiple benefits, saw palmetto is worth considering.