May 22, 2024

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The Advantages Of Buying Diabetic Socks

Diabetes can cause high blood sugar, which will damage the nervous system and the body’s circulatory system. The nerve damage will reduce sensation in the feet, which will cause a myriad of problems over time. Australians can buy diabetic socks online to counter these issues and keep their feet safe. 

It is estimated that 1.2 million Australians suffer from diabetes, according to a survey conducted in 2017-2018. If left unchecked, the high blood sugar levels can creep into the lower limbs, causing the patient to face some serious medical emergencies. This is where the benefits of diabetic socks come in.

Diabetic Socks And Their Benefits

Diabetic socks may sound like a cheap way for medical industries to profit from a person’s illness. Contrary to popular belief, diabetic socks have been found to have a lot of positive health benefits. Medical professionals have stated that Australians afflicted with diabetes can buy diabetic socks online or otherwise to keep their feet health in check. As for the benefits of diabetic socks, they are listed below: 

  1. Keeps The Feet Dry: Diabetic Socks can keep the feet dry better than most ordinary socks available in the Australian market. The unique fabric with which they are made can absorb moisture easily and keep the feet and toes dry for an extended period, even during strenuous activity. The dampness can be dangerous, especially when the foot has sores or cuts. Moisture inside the feet for long hours can act as breeding grounds for harmful microorganisms that can infect wounds and lead to dangerous infections. 
  1. They Don’t Cause Blisters: One of the common issues that diabetic patients face regarding regular socks is how the fabric can cause itching and bruises. Diabetic socks, on the other hand, are made with soft fabric that prevents itching and doesn’t cause as much friction in the skin. For those on their feet the whole day, walking or standing, diabetic socks can be a boon. The extra padding will be comfortable on the delicate skin of the feet and the heels. 
  1. They Help With Blood Flow: Regular socks have tight seams and a binding that restricts the blood flow to the legs. People with diabetes have impaired blood flow, and ordinary socks will only add to that issue. The soft seams and nonelastic bands ensure that the legs, the feet and the affected areas get the proper blood flow they need. 
  1. Diabetic Socks Help Detect Injury: Most diabetic socks are white or made of similar light shade colour materials. This ensures that users can detect injury or blood more easily and address it. 
  1. Anti Microbial: Copper and silver infused socks, although the latter is more expensive, are anti-microbial and prevent any fungal growth in the feet. They also ensure that the feet stay odourless. 

Maintaining Diabetic Socks 

Diabetic socks are designed for daily wear, so cleaning and washing them every day is a must. Diabetic socks that are well taken care of can last for six months before being discarded. Don’t use high heat to dry them, and always wash them using a mesh undergarment bag. To remove the fabric pills, use a comb. 

For those who can’t get enough blood flow to the feet, here are a few tips to keep the blood pumping: 

  1. Exercise often and make sure that the intervals last for at least half an hour. 
  2. Avoid tight clothes as much as possible. 
  3. Try to keep the blood sugar levels in the targeted range.