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Things To Do in Park Slope

Things To Do in Park Slope

Park Slope is a beautiful residential area located in northwest Brooklyn, New York City. This wonderful neighborhood is full of beautiful trees, green spaces, and for contrast, the famous brownstones give the community a unique look. Without a doubt, Park Slope is a great place to pass time, just ask the youth! Here are a few of the things there are to do in this awesome Brooklyn neighborhood.

Prospect Park

Located in the heart of Brooklyn, this beautiful park spans 526 acres! This makes it the second-largest public park in Brooklyn. Apart from the greenery where you can enjoy a picnic, Prospect Park offers a space for daily recreational activities such as baseball, basketball, fishing, skating, soccer, yoga and nature programs.

Inside the park itself, there are also a number of destinations to enjoy. Prospect Park Zoo and the Grand Army Plaza are great for people of all ages. This park has something for everyone; you’ll even find Park Slope gyms and new healthy restaurants helping to contribute to the ever-popular healthy lifestyle trends that are working to take root in Brooklyn.

Prospect Park Zoo

The Prospect Park Zoo contains more than 10 acres of animal exhibits. It is located on the eastern side of Prospect Park. The zoo is home to nearly 400 animals, more than 100 species, and offers many exhibits including an animal lifestyle exhibit, a sea lion stadium, and more. Both adults and children can enjoy shows presented at the zoo.

The Prospect Park Zoo is operated by the Wildlife Conservation Society, and because of that, the zoo itself is actually a haven for some species of exotic animals that you will not be able to see in other places. If you enjoy nature and exotic animals, you can’t miss this place!

The Old Stone House

In the center of Slope Park, the Old Stone House is a restored replica of a historic Dutch house. It was reconstructed in 1934 using many original stones and materials. Today the Old Stone House Historic Interpretive Center is open and operated by the First Battle Revival Alliance. This program honors America’s first battle against Great Britain, which occurred in 1776 on the land where the Old Stone House is now situated.

Something for Everyone

Park Slope provides something for people of any interest. Nature, healthy living, sports and historic places are just a few of what this amazing sector offers!