December 1, 2023

Golden Age Golds

Take Advantages of Your GOLDEN AGE

Tips Every Woman Should Know

Every woman has had the experience of gripping her car keys between her knuckles, reaching for her pepper spray if she sees someone across a dark road, or checking her back seat to make sure it is empty before driving home from working a late shift. Women are frequently assaulted, abused, or stalked. These are experiences that are universal to nearly all women. Though it should not be, it is necessary to arm them with tricks that can keep them safe. 


That tip from Miss Congeniality was no joke. As you will learn in any class for self-defense training Brooklyn NY, there are four main areas that you should aim for when fighting back against an attacker. Targeting blows towards their solar-plexus, instep, nose, and groin can hinder an attacker of any size and will buy you time to get away.

Actually Sing

While you’re SING-ing, you may as well literally sing. Do so as loudly as possible. This will not only help to draw the attention of others passing by, but it will also likely confuse your attacker long enough for you to make an escape. Belt out the highest, most off-key note that you can muster to throw your attacker off.

Give Them What They Want

If someone has you at gunpoint and is asking for your wallet, there may be a part of you that wants to challenge them. In these instances, remember that your life is worth more than anything in that wallet. Give them your wallet, purse, car keys, or whatever material possession they may ask you for. Your life takes precedence. 

The world can be a scary place to exist in when attacks like this happen so frequently. When you prepare yourself for such an event, it can mean the difference between life and death.