June 22, 2024

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Tips for Using a Foam Roller and Good Reasons to Try It

The foam roller is one of the sports equipment you can easily find at the gym or purchase at an affordable price. Unfortunately, many still don’t know or use foam rollers in their sports sessions.

If you use the foam roller for about 30-60 seconds on the body, you will not be too sore and far from injury after exercising. Maybe from now on, it’s time to grab a foam roller at the end of your training session after Jiu-jitsu training, lifting heavy weights or a long run on the treadmill and take a minute to use it.

The shape is quite concise and does not look like a sports tool. However, foam rollers have several benefits for your body. How to use it is quite easy. You need to place it on one part of your body and move this tool along with that body part.

Maybe not like a sports movement, but surely your body muscles will be happier using this tool.

Body Parts That Need to be Trained Foam Roller

All parts of your body need to be trained with a foam roller. However, it would help if you focused more on certain aspects. Here are some features that need to be used on a regular foam roller accessories.

1. Feet and Calves

You have to start from the bottom. After running or doing activities all day, you need to make small movements with the foam roller in this section.

  • Place the foam roller between the calf and ankle
  • Make a foam roller rolling motion from ankle to calf
  • Do it for 30 seconds

2. Hamstrings (hamstrings)

Continue to the hamstrings, which are usually rarely touched during exercise. You can provide relaxation in this section after a long walk or strenuous exercise. Guaranteed, your feet will be lighter after doing it.

  • Place the foam roller between the back of the knee and the hip
  • Make a rolling motion of the foam roller along with the hamstrings
  • Do it for 30 seconds

3. Pelvis (glutes)

This section does a lot of work even as you walk. Therefore, you need to give a message to make it not stiff or sore after exercising. In addition, the pelvis is also supported when sitting.

  • Sit on a foam roller
  • Perform a foam roller rolling motion with your hips
  • It’s better to do one side then switch to the other side

4. Quads

The quadriceps will feel hard and stiff for those of you who often sit for a long time. You can stretch your thigh muscles and make your legs even lighter.

  • Prone with the foam roller on the thigh
  • Perform a foam roller rolling motion along the thigh
  • Do it for 30 seconds

5. Inner Thighs

If only the hamstrings and front only, you will still feel sore. You should also train your inner thigh muscles by using a foam roller. Yes, do the math while tightening that part of the muscle.

  • Do it alternately
  • Prone with one leg bent to the side
  • Place the foam roller on the inner thigh and make a rolling motion
  • Do it for 30 seconds on each leg

6. IT Bands

The IT Bands muscles are located on the sides of the right and left thighs. This muscle is very important to keep the knee in position. For those who like to do sports that focus a lot on the legs, it is important to keep the IT band’s muscles flexible.

  • Create a side sleeping position
  • Put the foam roller on the side of the thigh
  • Foam roller rolls from the waist to near the knees
  • Do it for 30 seconds on each leg

7. Back

Don’t just make your back firmer, but you also have to be diligent in giving a relaxing massage. The back is also the part that gets heavy work during exercise. So, you have to do massages with a foam roller more often.

  • sleep with the foam roller on your side
  • Roll the foam roller from the top of the waist to near the neck.
  • use a foam roller with a jagged texture

8. Back Side (Lats)

Because they often sit sideways or lift unequal weights, the lats must also be treated with a foam roller.

  • Put the foam roller on the back side
  • Move your hand forward
  • Vary by rolling the foam roller

9. Chest

Usually, the chest is the most exposed part when in the gym. No wonder many people are more often exercising to enlarge the chest. So, it would help if you also did exercises with a foam roller.

  • Sleep on your stomach and place a foam roller on one chest
  • Move the foam roller from the outside to the inside of the chest
  • Do it for 30 seconds on each chest