June 16, 2024

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Top Ways To Prepare for a Camping Trip

Camping is a ton of fun. However, if you don’t prepare properly, it can be a terrible time. Here are the best ways to prepare for your next camping trip so you can have a blast. 

Check the Weather

One of the biggest mistakes campers make is not checking the weather before they leave for their trip. Just because the weather has been nice and sunny for weeks doesn’t mean that’s how it will stay. Having to endure cold, rainy weather when you’ve only packed shorts and t-shirts will make for a miserable time. 

Remember that you’re always safest planning for the worst. If the weather says there is a slight chance of rain, plan for rain. Take clothes that you can layer, so if the weather ends up being warmer than you thought, you can take some of the layers off. 

Bring Protection

While it is rare that animals attack people at their campsites, it still happens, and you want to be prepared just in case. When choosing protection, do some research about what kinds of animals you might have to face. If you’re going somewhere where bears could be an issue, you’ll want to steer clear of something that requires you to be in close proximity, such as a knife. 

If you decide to bring a firearm, make sure you check the state laws and follow them closely. Additionally, you want to ensure that you can access your firearm quickly in an emergency. Whether you’re choosing Fobus holsters or going with something less well-known, verify that the holster is in good working condition and that all clasps are working well. 

Bring Enough Food

Camping usually involves hiking and a lot of physical activity. Because of that, you will likely find that you have a larger appetite than usual. You don’t want to run through all of your food in one day and have to go to the store, and you also don’t want to be hungry trying to ration your supplies. Instead, pack more food than you think you’ll need, so you have plenty to eat.