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VA Women’s Wellness Will take On Osteoporosis | VA Washington DC Health and fitness Care

This March, the Washington DC VA Professional medical Middle is tackling Osteoporosis by encouraging women Veterans to make their bones as strong as their spirit.

Osteoporosis is a situation that leads to bones to weaken and come to be extra inclined to breaks. Dubbed a “silent illness,” one in five females over the age of 50 have osteoporosis but lots of go undiagnosed right up until they crack a bone.

Fractures of the hip, wrist and backbone, joint and again ache, and a reduction in top due to diminished posture are typical indicators of osteoporosis. In serious conditions, these signs or symptoms can turn into disabling and may possibly depart Veterans having difficulties to do the routines they after loved.

Luckily, osteoporosis can be prevented as a result of screening and life-style adjustments. Shana Balogun, Women of all ages Veterans Program Manager at the Washington DC VA Healthcare Center’s Women’s Health Clinic, encourages Veterans to discuss with their most important treatment company to create a preventative treatment prepare.

“As you method 50 and go past, you start off to eliminate bone density. But there are techniques you can choose, like having healthful and doing exercises, to protect against that reduction,” reported Balogun. “We use preventative overall health screening to make sure sufferers are aware of the matters they can control and actions they can take to advertise longevity and decrease the chance of falls and fractures which may well be prompted by osteoporosis.”

Methods you can just take to strengthen your bones and cut down your danger of osteoporosis involve:

  • Not using tobacco
  • Accomplishing common, body weight-bearing routines like going for walks, jogging, or dancing
  • Having ample calcium and vitamin D by having a nutritious eating plan and expending normal time exterior in the sunlight
  • Viewing your VA health treatment service provider on a regular basis


The VA endorses Ladies Veterans plan a Dual-Electricity Absorptiometry (DEXA) scan at age 65 to display screen for osteoporosis.  This scan measures bone density, or the volume of bone mineral inside of of your bones that effects their energy and thickness. The DEXA scan is a pain-free procedure that tells your major care service provider how strong your bones are and if you have or are at danger to have osteoporosis.

Your key care service provider may schedule you for a DEXA scan in advance of 65 if you have any of the next possibility variables:

  • Possessing a family background of osteoporosis
  • Getting earlier menopause
  • Possessing a tiny, slim human body (weighing fewer than 127 pounds)
  • Not getting adequate calcium or vitamin D
  • Getting a sedentary way of living
  • Acquiring an consuming disorder
  • Using tobacco
  • Using sure drugs
  • Consuming excessive alcohol


Irrespective of your hazard level for osteoporosis, your primary care company can get the job done with the Middle for Women’s Wellness to create a strategy to support you create or sustain bone health and fitness.   

“We just take the time to provide a wholistic screening assessment to decide what just about every Veteran may possibly will need,” stated Balogun. “If you had been a smoker in the armed service, you are at much more of a risk for osteoporosis, so we can set you up with our using tobacco cessation system. If you really do not have as numerous alternatives to be energetic now, we connect you with the VA Move System. The DC VAMC has so lots of resources readily available to help promote a nutritious lifestyle, longevity and success, and we want to join you to the proper assets.”

To talk with your primary care supplier about osteoporosis, agenda an appointment at 202-745-8000, Ext. 58577.

Ladies Veterans can also text or chat on the web with the VA’s Women Veterans Call Center at 855-829-6636. Qualified girls representatives can:

  • Assist you get enrolled in VA wellness treatment if you are not presently
  • Enable you set up an appointment in your location
  • Response your concerns about gains and eligibility
  • Aid you obtain out what means or services are out there at your VA


Consider cost of your well being and study additional about VA bone-health products and services for ladies Veterans.