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Valorant patch 5.12: Every agent change you need to know

While the sweeping nerfs to Chamber are the highlight of Valorant patch 5.12, the French sentinel is not the only agent to receive changes.

New patch 5.12 Public Beta Environment notes detail adjustments to nearly every agent in the game, including buffs to new controller Harbor.

Other agents like Sage and Viper will also receive small but significant changes to how their abilities work, potentially reshaping how they are played.

Here’s a look at every agent change coming in patch 5.12.

Nearly every single agent is being tweaked in Valorant patch 5.12

Valorant Agent, Riot Games
Credit: Riot Games

Several powerful ultimates now require more points, which means they are now harder to earn. At the same time, the health values of various abilities have been tweaked.


  • Rolling Thunder (X) ultimate points increased from 7 to 8


Chamber Agent trailer
Screenshot by Nigel Zalamea/ONE Esports
  • Headhunter (Q) spread increased after second bullet when spamming.
  • Rendezvous (E): Chamber now places a single anchor that can be teleported to while inside its range
  • Increased weapon equip time after teleporting from 0.4s to 0.7s
  • Destroying Rendezvous teleport anchor now disables it for the remainder of the round, instead of being placed on a cooldown.
  • Trademark (C) trap is now range restricted
  • Trademark initial arm time increased from 2s to 4s; health increased from 1 to 20
  • Tour De Force (X) fire rate decreased by 57.5%
  • Slow duration reduced from 6s to 4s

Chamber is without doubt the biggest loser of patch 5.12. His abilities have been nerfed across the board, and he can no longer put as much distance between himself and danger with just a single teleport anchor. It will now be a lot easier to counter and punish him after he teleports.


  • Trapwire (C) health increased from 1 to 20


  • Prowler (C) health decreased from 100 to 60

Fade has been hit by yet another nerf, albeit a small one. The lower health on Prowler should make it slightly easier to deal with and destroy, particularly for agents she is strong against, like Chamber.


Valorant Harbor
Credit: Riot Games
  • High Tide (E) duration increased from 12s to 15s
  • Cascade (C) duration increased from 5s to 7s

The longer duration for High Tide and Cascade should improve Harbor’s ability to control spaces and exert his influence, giving his team a more generous time window to work with.


  • ZERO/POINT (E) health increased from 1 to 20
  • NULL/cmd (C) ultimate points increased from 7 to 8
  • Added voiceover that tells his allies the number of enemies suppressed when FRAG/ment knife hits.


  • Lockdown (X) health increased from 150 to 200
  • Nanoswarm (C) health increased from 1 to 20

Lockdown, an ultimate that can easily be destroyed by non-ultimate utility like KAY/O’s FRAG/ment molly, is now a bit more challenging to take down. For instance, Sova’s Hunter’s Fury will need the full three shots to destroy it.


  • Paranoia (Q) cost decreased from 300 to 250


  • Blaze (C) cost decreased from 200 to 150


  • Boom Bot (C) health decreased from 100 to 60
  • Blast Pack (Q) health increased from 1 to 20

Like Fade’s Prowler, Boom Bot is getting a health nerf. It is a bit easier to destroy, while Blast Pack gets a health boost instead.


Valorant Sage
Credit: Riot Games
  • Barrier Orb (C) fortify delay increased from 3s to 3.3s
  • Healing Orb (E) self-heal total amount decreased from 60HP to 30HP; ally heal total amount increased from 60HP to 100HP

Sage’s Barrier Orb now takes slightly longer to reach its maximum health, so she will have to place it a little more proactively.

At the same time, changes to her Healing Orb now incentivize her to save it for teammates instead of using it selfishly.

The paltry 30HP self-heal pales in comparison to the 100HP healing for allies, forcing players to prioritize team play.


  • Recon Bolt (E) health increased from 1 to 20

Recon Bolt is a bit more hardy, and can no longer be destroyed by a single shot from a Classic.


  • Trailblazer (Q) cost increased from 250 to 300
  • Regrowth (C) cost decreased from 200 to 150


Viper in the backdrop of her ultimate, Viper's Pit
Credit: Riot Games
  • Viper’s Pit (X) smoke integrity regeneration time increased from 5s to 25s
  • Max time out of smoke decreased from 15s to 8s
  • Ultimate points required increased from 7 to 8

The nerfs to Viper’s Pit punish players who like to play aggressively outside the pit, and the changes sharpen the disadvantages of exiting the pit.


  • Gatecrash (E) health decreased from 100 to 60
  • Cost decreased from 200 to 150

Read the full PBE notes for patch 5.12 here.

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